Sidewalk Revitalization

Flat surfaces like sidewalks, parking lots and plazas, constant traffic from pedestrians and cars, along with the accumulation of beverage spills and chewing gum, can age the appearance of a facility and cause deterioration, as well as irreparable damage.

However, with regular power washing services, flat surfaces can be rejuvenated. Additionally, transferable oils on flat surfaces can become a slip hazard for your facility’s employees and visitors. Central Surface Cleaning has developed the most efficient and cost effective processes to clean your hard surfaces through a rigorous research and development program. By safely removing contaminants, our power washing services can enhance your property’s appearance and reduce long term replacement costs, while providing a better environment for any visitors to work, live, eat, or shop in.

We can seal your flatwork surface to protect against:


Central Surface Cleaning can also apply industry-leading sealers to protect your flat surfaces after they are cleaned. We use only the best sealants to guard and enhance various surfaces for extended amounts of time, keeping your cleaning costs down and preventing the need for resurfacing or replacement in the future.

From the damage salt can cause in the winter, to graffiti and spills, to general wear and tear, a proper sealing job can prevent damage and keep flat surfaces looking clean between power washing services. Our wide selection of sealants allows you to protect your flat surfaces with finishes that run from glossy to no change in appearance at all. Sealing your flat surfaces makes the next cleaning job easier and more effective, as well as reducing replacement costs.