Pressure Washing Your Hog Farm

Posted on: April 12, 2016 by in Farm Pressure Washing News, Uncategorized
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Just what’s even worse than washing a hog barn? Washing a hog barn ceiling, just what’s even worse compared to that? Cleaning the house. Seriously, I would rather push clean a hog barn after that cleaning my residence!

Do you understand exactly what happens to manure and stale feed when backed into a corner by a pressure washer? It comes right at you traveling what seems like a hundred miles an hour.

Stress cleaning a hog barn provides my mind way too much time to assume. Recently, while washing the baby room, I considered washing suggestions I would certainly provide others.

5 ideas from me to you:

1. If given a choice, always select the stress washing machine with warm water. It will steam the barn up but will certainly make the task simpler and much faster. Just think of it as a steam face!!
#realpigfarming: After washing the baby room recently my spouse tweeted this photo and “Wow discuss clean, this is cleaner compared to our house”!

2. Select your stress washer pointer carefully. I favor a level follower however determine what jobs most ideal for you.

3. Beware where you point the wand! Water needs to go someplace and when you’re aiming it right into an edge or feeder it most likely will be right back at your face. That water could consist of stagnant feed, manure and re-hydrated littles afterbirth. If stepping over a cage or entrance, hold on to something. When water is appearing of the wand at 3000psi as well as you are captured off balance it will knock you on your butt whenever. Or so I have listened to.

4. Hide and also maintain your mouth shut. It’s not a beauty contest. A turban or hat is a must, water resistant trousers are suggested and never ever, even mistakenly wear a white tee shirt! The very best suggestion of all? Keep your mouth closed.

5. That pleasing spot? SLAP IT. Nine breaks 10 it is a drip of water, but those crawler internet didn’t show up magically. That 10th time it is likely a crawler!