House Pressure Washing Saginaw Twp MI

Pressure Washing Isn’t for Everyone – Try Low Pressure Soft Washing

Pressure washing your home is a viable cleaning method when done correctly. Many homeowners prefer to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter, and we respect that. Some siding manufacturers void their warranty when their product is pressure washed. This is when we recommend low pressure soft washing instead. This method perfectly cleans siding and other surfaces without the use of highly pressurized water if done by a professional such as those at Central Surface Cleaning of Saginaw Twp MI.

What is Low Pressure Soft Washing?

This is a process that is extremely easy on your siding and all of your landscaping as well. We spray a biodegradable cleaning solution on your siding, paying special attention to areas with a lot of grime, algae, or mildew. We may need to coat the solution more than once if there are stubborn dirty spots. Then we use a regular water rinse with low pressure but high gallons per minute. The low pressurized water is gentle enough to spray it on your hand without injury to give you a idea of the low pressure system we use, I could actually spray it on my face!

Low Or High Pressure house washing get the job done!

The results we see in Saginaw Twp MI with low pressure soft washing or pressure washing are pretty magnificent. The grime and algae practically melt off of the siding after the first application of the biodegradable cleaning solution. Our cleaner does more than simply remove the surface grime and algae; it kills it so it doesn’t return in just a few weeks.

High pressure house washing is a safe process if done correctly

Highly pressurized water is very dangerous and can cause lots of damage if not done by a professional such as the professionals at Central Surface Cleaning of Saginaw Twp MI, but it is, after all, just forceful water. It doesn’t kill the algae or mildew at the source. It just removes the visible layer and gives the appearance of a full clean. Leaving the roots to grow back quickly We use the correct cleaning solutions that kill the mildew and algae at it roots! You will not see the reappearance of mildew and algae for years to come.

The Best house Washing in Saginaw Twp MI

We have to, of course, talk about our own power washing service and low pressure soft washing in Saginaw Twp MI. We work with homeowners and commercial property owners in the following areas of Michigan:

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  • Michigan

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