Fleet Power Washing

pressure washing truck fleet


Central Surface Cleaning began as an on-site fleet cleaning company and has proudly served the Chicago land area with truck washing services since 1988. For companies who use trucks as a part of their business operations, ensuring that those trucks are clean and well maintained is an absolute necessity. Your trucks are advertisements for your company, and their appearance greatly affects customer perception. Regular cleaning protects the integrity of your equipment, possibly reduces roadside DOT inspections, and makes it easier to identify and repair mechanical issues. With a fleet of over 40 totally self contained trucks we know exactly what it takes to keep your fleet ahead of the curve and in compliance. Our professional wash crews will clean your fleet as if it were our own.


In addition to conventional vehicle cleaning methods Central Surface Cleaning can offer methods that comply with the most stringent EPA guidelines and regulations, while also providing a thorough cleaning of your equipment. Through a multi-step process, we have the technology to capture, contain, transport, treat and dispose of all run-off waste water generated from any cleaning operation. The processes we use to capture and clean run-off water were pioneered by our own company in 1994, and now they serve as the industry standard and are entirely EPA compliant. We can serve clients across the country with our self-contained trucks that house all the containment and filtration equipment needed to complete your cleaning project.